THE COMPANY has been tracking stock markets for the last 35 years, with a deep understanding of FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY. All day to day activities in this universe including stock market is influenced by the movement of planets/ Nakshatras in the zodiac. We are surprised to see more websites on astrology and stock market and there are more books and publications on financial astrology in the other part of the world than in India.

American studies have found that there are three basic factors which are responsible for the movement of stock markets i.e. astrology, time and date. For intraday and short term as well as long term have the least role to play.

It would have been observed many times that most of the shares in a particular sector move up for a particular period says a year, month. Fortnight even for a day and after that period they start coming down. That particular sector is on move till it is getting planetary support. Similarly, many times in spite of all favorable announcements by the companies, govt. etc that particular stock/ sector do not move up.

Our studies reveal that no stock of any sector would move upward unless that particular sector is getting astrological support. Whenever any major planet transits from one house to other house, then the share prices of particular sector start moving up and continue to move upward till the period that planet remains in that particular house.


Buying stocks that can rise multi fold in a short period is every investor’s dream. But it is not easy to identify and buy such stocks at right time and exit at right time. Timing is a most crucial element in investing or trading. This timing can be known through Financial Astrology. Astrology is only science which can predict future correctly & guide us about sectors which have to outperform.

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